***DISCLAIMER: Please note that this is a FAN FICTION. JK Rowling and her associates own everything directly concerning The Harry Potter & Fantastical Beasts franchises. This fan fiction does have original characters and real historical references, but they and the plot are set within a world of another’s skilled creation. This fan fiction is not for profit. This fan fiction is for entertainment purposes only with entirely optional donations to charities (totally unconnected to the fan fiction author) encouraged. One such NGO highlighted, Lumos, was created by JK Rowling herself. Antonia Sara Zenkevitch, as the author of this fanfiction work, does not claim ownership over any of the ideas she has adopted from the magical world of JK Rowling, only for the new characters she has created. This is a piece of fan fiction that is not a part of the original authentic series. I am grateful to JK Rowling for giving us all a wonderful world that millions feel part of; a world so tangible many feel part of us walks within it, or that it is active inside us; a world so powerful we believe again that we can change our own world. I created this fan fiction while battling extreme chronic illness and worsening disability, and Rowling’s world transported me and helped me fight.  I strongly encourage anyone who enjoys this work to immerse themselves in the books, films, and plays of the original franchise. ***