Welcome Fellow Journey Makers!


Ok, this fantasy fiction is becoming a reality. I even started a Facebook Page to launch it yesterday – and I am not a fan of Facebook. I’m more the lock myself away and write kind, but I’m very pleased to meet you. I’m getting some good feedback for the first chapter. I’ve not re-posted the second chapter on  Facebook yet but it is online if you follow the links in the first chapter or on this post. When The Library of Lost Wands gets a few more likes and follows, I will post the third chapter. The more clicks it gets, the more search engines will be able to find it and the more fellow passengers we can take with us on this journey.

So, folks, I hope you enjoy reading the beginning. If you do, please spread the word so we can discover more of Europe’s magical communities together onboard The Eagle. Lindsay O’Brien and a host of intriguing characters await, full of secrets only our witch can uncover. From wand eating dogs, to bewitched clocks, disgruntled goblins, a missing brother and the whisper of wizarding war, she and her new friends on and off the fantastical train, are on a voyage that will change the future.

Remember, other art and stories can be found at by clicking on Ravenclaw Art and Illustrations. If you’re inspired to create a little magic in the world yourself check out Lumos Links and if you’d like to see more of my (unrelated) work check out my main writer’s blog which I recently re-started and which has over 1667 followers across different social media. The Library of Lost Wands site is, so far, a baby in comparison, made public last week and only really launched yesterday on social media. (It turns out nothing exists if it isn’t on Facebook). So, you are starting this fantastical journey with me! Welcome, fellow travelers, take your seats, it’s time for an adventure!


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